My World

Me at age 5

Here are some thoughts, facts of my everyday life.

I live in SF, in the Inner Sunset. Have lived here for several years and have enjoyed most of these. My life revolves around interests you can see here, in other places. A big part of it is applying physics to computers , which I do at PBS Pro . I get there with the help of my car, the quintessential American second home. If you visited that link you got some tidbits on my Val-mobile, recently jointed by Keter, a sturdier car (BMW 733i), and now Laban (a BMW 325i). I get most of my news, on KPFA, a Pacifica station, which is listener-supported radio station in Berkeley.

Of all our national spectacles, I enjoy baseball most, with some lingering love of the Pirates and a strong liking of the SF Giants, the A's, of course, plus some interest in the White Sox (my folx live in Chicago) and the Cleveland Indians. Ok, so I am not a rabid fan of one team. I guess it is the Libra in me.
If may update Lenny Bruce, football is something we do once a week(g) , baseball is part of the daily fabric (y).

Temple in Timisoara, Romania
Picture of temple from Timisoara, Romania.

I also enjoy music . It is a big part in my life, nourishing me and allowing me to enjoy life, as well as to change consciousness.

In 1995, we celebrated Passover at Cyborganic and we used Howard Rheingold's Haggadah. We almost finished it :) - we did not make it to the last cup of wine. In 1996, we actually finished. Robert Altman took some pictures at the Seder.

Early 1996, in January, I was in New York. While there, I had agreat time at Dave and Marla's Potluck. I actually enjoyed New York, visiting museums, going to shows and hanging with my friend Sarah.

Four Trees
Reproduction from Z. ben Shimon ha-Levi's The Way of the Kabbalah

(To the Ladder/Tree)

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