PsychoAlchemy - Changing the Self

There have been several methods of changing oneself, one of which is ceremonial magick. Of course, first we have to realize that we can change ourselves, after being told for so long that we can not, or that we can do this only through one particular person or prophet.

The method I found most useful and which worked for me was that of the Western ceremonial magic(k). Its most recent avatar (incarnation) was that of the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn Cover
Reproduction of cover of I. Regardie's Golden Dawn System of Magic.

To give an incredibly oversimplified, and inadequate verbal description, one can attain altered states of consciousness by means of certain ritual actions and ceremonies and words, either alone or in groups. The work of Psychic TV comes to mind as similar in goal.
Some people might also be familiar with the work of Frater Perturbado.

Reproduction of cover of A. Crowley's Magick.

I can't really convey here in writing the effects these methods have had. I did find that what Frater Perturbado said was true: if certain actions were taken, certain results followed.

Another interesting person to check out is Frater Luxnoir, of the Church of the SubGenius. In several missive, he gives some wise advice:

I want to add that I found most useful a word of caution I read in Israel Regardie's book on the Golden Dawn: this work will bring about an inflation of the ego which is most dangerous to the self, due to the release of latent energy locked by our social programming. It is imperative that some form of psycho-analysis is used in conjunction with this Work. I would venture to say that this was the trap in which Heart of Mercy fell. Plus his overrelliance on Malkhutian methods of chemical allies and sex magick kept him too wedded to the ego.

One method I have found useful is to enter this realm with other people present. Also, musick is a very useful vehicle of getting in this altered state.

Goddess Tree
Reproduction from J. Campbell's Occidental Mythologies.

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