Interesting Websites

Here I have gathered some Web sites that I like.
I enjoy looking at the Principia Cybernetica's HomePage and the Symposium : The Evolution of Complexity for information on this interesting project on modernity and cybernetics.

I start my physics net-surfing at CERN, the European physics laboratory in Switzerland. For more local information I go to the WorldWideWeb SLAC Home Page.

Now and then I check out HotWired.

For some bad Web pages, and how to make them, check out the bad pages site!

For gateway scripting, you might wanna do Perl, so try looking at the UF/NA Perl Archive to get you started.

The Internet Underground Music Archive is a good place to look for music.

Some cool things in Holland.

Then, there is this great HomePage on Movies.

There are also some neat Kabbalistic home pages out there.

I end for now with The Noam Chomsky Archive for some thoughts on the present state of things from a political perspective.

Here are some self-explanatory links:

The SFRaves Calendar

Observation of the Top Quark

Columbia Jewish Information on the World Wide Web

Shtetl, Yiddish Language and Culture Home Page

Survival Research Laboratories

Unix Network Security Tools

Additional Resources for Information on Parallel Computing


ORNL WWW developers hotlist

Index of Perl/HTML archives

NCSA httpd Overview

Welcome to the Morino Institute

The Santa Fe Institute

Project Mind Foundation

Unix FAQ

How to Navigate Mercury Center

WWW Virtual Library: Museums around the USA

Alchemy Home Page

Wells Fargo's WWW Home Page

Web-Counter Home Page

WAXweb, Waxweb 2.0 Beta (1675)

Man Oh Man Brochure

MBONE Information Web

O'Reilly Home Page

For connections to some of my stuff, you can go to see various performances I have done recently, or look at my thoughts on modernity, or go directly to the heart of things, the Beauty of things.

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