Reproduction of flyer for Friends and Family, June 1994.

Here are some performances I gave, showing connections between physics and various other aspects of things, kabbalistic, alchemical or philosophical in nature.

  • Christina Carmines, me, and Mira Zussman, Practical Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, June 7-9, 1996.
  • Me and Dubtribe, The Tree, the Ladder, the Chariot and the Self, 1015 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA, February 1995.
  • Me with Mira Zussman and Mike Jennings, The Birth of God, San Jose, CA, October 1994,
  • Me and DJ M, Quantum PsychoAlchemy, New Moon Rave , Berkeley, CA, September 1994.
  • me and DJ Bryce, Quantum PsychoAlchemy, Friends & Family III, San Francisco CA, August 1994.
  • Me and DJ M, Quantum PsychoAlchemy, Friends and Family II ,San Francisco Ca, June 1994.

  • Axis Mundi

    Reproduction from J. Campbell's Occidental Mythologies.
    (To the Ladder/Tree)

    Copyright © 1994-today Ovid C. Jacob