New York, Gay Pride Day, 1988

Politix is a pretty important part of life, nu ? Well, I am not going to give you easy labels to stick to, just some thoughts.

So what is the big deal about politix? You vote once every year or so, you're done with it. Well, not quite. As a matter of fact, many many things in our life are governed by politix. Our involvement or lack of it has a direct, but mostly indirect impact. I feel strongly about this, since having lived in Eastern Europe for 15 years showed me that I could not afford apathy. And things are not that different here, in that power is still in the hands of the few, not the many. Sure, we have a Congress, a Senate. But where is it going? The only sane ideas seem to come from the Progressive Caucus.Can I run for office if I wish, tomorrow ? Not without several million $'s. So we try to repeat like a mantra that this is Democracy, that what was in EE (Eastern Europe) was very different from here.

One of my first groups I felt comfortable working with was DSA. During my stay at Carnegie Mellon several friends started a youth section.

Indeed, for the last 50 years or so, America defined itself by what it was not, rather that what it was: it was not Communist, it was not Godless, it was supposed to be free, though that had a price not everyone could afford,.etc. Now, with the self-liberation of the people of Eastern Europe, we are confronted with the more difficult question of who, what we are: I hope we will decide we are democratic (little d), tolerant, fair, compassionate, just, honest with ourselves. Part of the problem is that we have let only Reason guide us. Clearly something else is required. Well, I have looked at my work as a guide as to how society might work, modeled on how the natural world works. I have also realized that hidden secrets might be a guide. But it seems hard at this time to make sense of what is what. Even avant-garde is popnow! I find that I get some insights from Noam Chomsky's thoughts and work. The difficulty seems to be that we need to address all these things at once, and cannot do them in succession. This runs counter to our linear way of thinking about things. There is also the Utne Reader, which is on the web.

Tree Lord

Reproduction from J. Campbell's Occidental Mythologies.
(To the Ladder/Tree)


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